Is It True That Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms?

One of the most deeply ingrained beliefs about male sexuality is that multiple orgasms are something limited to women.

All of the men that I’ve been with have been one shot and done guys, though some have had the ability to bounce back quickly. 

In 1986 two sex therapists, William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian, released a book called Any Man Can that promoted the idea that men were capable of multiple orgasms thereby stirring up a healthy debate about male sexuality.

There has been a lot of research since then that tend to lend support to the claim, and there are tons of anecdotal evidence available to read through on the internet of men who claim that they have learned how. 

I believe that it is possible, though I’m yet to see it myself.

Some men are claiming that they’ve learned to have multiple “dry” orgasms along with the main event, and they say they are just like the real thing only without the mess.

Incidentally, there are also examples of men learning to orgasm through the stimulation of other parts of their bodies, like the nipples.

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I for one am happy for the guys. It’s about time they get to experience the feeling of one after another orgasm rocking their bodies.

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How Taking Medications Can Affect Erectile Dysfunction

When you have erectile dysfunction, this can wreak havoc on any type of relationship that you have.

When you are not able to get an erection, your partner may think that you are no longer interested in them in a sexual way.

It’s even worse if you can achieve an erection, only to have it diminish in a matter of minutes or seconds.

This can be caused by taking certain medications which can cause erectile dysfunction.

Let’s go over some of them that might be responsible for the problems that you are currently facing as a result of treatments that you may be on from your doctor.

Medications That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Some of these may include beta-blockers, cancer therapies, and stimulants for a central nervous disorder that you house.

If you are taking any type of synthetic hormones, or if you are taking SSRIs, you may notice that you are not able to get an erection.

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You may also be taking central nervous system stimulants such as amphetamines as a result of a condition that you have.

All of these can lead to erectile dysfunctions, and you can talk to your physician about why this might be causing the problems that you are having and if they can switch the treatments that you are on.

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In no time at all, you should be able to get back to normal in regard to having proper sexual intercourse.

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Female Mind Control Does Work On Strangers


My first few dates yielded little success and needless to say, we never got to round two.

It seems that I have been off my A-game for a while and it is time for me to step it up! What better way to test my newly found skills of mind control and seduction than to try it out on a stranger?

My first few tries were unsuccessful as I didn’t properly utilize female mind control techniques to get what I want.

There was a sense of it being unethical, but then I realized that if I want a relationship, I need to push boundaries.

It all starts with the moment you open your mouth and say your pickup line. It needs to have just the right amount of control, mystery, and attitude.

You need to show that you’re indeed a desirable man and you know how to give women what they want.

Using the established mind control manual, you can take every relationship to a whole new level, even if it’s with a stranger.

Of course, these tried and true methods can work on women you already know. You need to learn just what to say for the right outcome!

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The Battle Against A Weak Erection


Many men will talk about this as a real issue where they’re not able to have a full erection, and that bothers them.

If you are in that boat, you will know how much of an ordeal this can become in a hurry.

You have to tackle it and make sure you can take control of your issue before it starts creating problems in your sex life

Now, when I was in this boat, and I have realized it happens to a lot of men, you have to be proactive.

I think that was a real issue when I was going through it as men didn’t want to talk about it and that meant I was also hesitant.

Now, I would have to suggest people have to take action because you are not going to get better on your own. It will take time.

You will need to make positive decisions as to what you are doing to take care of it and this includes being diligent about your supplements

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This is the only way to go. You are not going to learn about it alone and it will take a lot of research on your part to get a gist of what is going on.

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How To Have The Best Orgasms


Having orgasms as a woman is often much harder than it is for a man.

I know that I can’t always achieve an orgasm and everything needs to be just right for it to happen.

Over the years, I have been learning how to have better orgasms and it hasn’t always been easy.

There is a lot of experimentation that has to go on and you spend all your time trying new toys or reading new erotica or even watching adult videos.

Over time you will discover the things that turn you on and you will have an easier time communicating these things with your partner.

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Your sex life will get better, either with your partner or on your own. You will feel more empowered and you will enjoy sex more.

As my orgasms became more and more powerful, I found myself enjoying sex so much more.

I used to avoid sex and now I don’t anymore.

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There is so much more I can do sexually now that I have more control over my orgasms.

If you are having trouble with your orgasms you want to spend the time to improve them. The time you take is worth it.

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My Doctor Can Not Figure Out Why I Keep Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction


My doctor can not figure out why I keep suffering from erectile dysfunction, and it is starting to mess up my marriage.

We have always been able to solve it, as we are familiar with every ED drug out there, but a few months later it comes back, which is highly aggravating.

I do not smoke.

I exercise.

My weight and blood pressure are dead on healthy targets, pardon the ironic expression.

Why does this happen? My doctor does not know, and while I know he does not know everything, there has to be a reason.

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I’ve tried visiting a few doctors other than him, and they are clueless too, so maybe I will never know.

What I do know is that my wife and I would like to have kids, and if I can’t consistently perform, then we are going to have a serious problem in the long run.

We’re trying right now to have our first, and we plan on three before we are completely done.

It’s stressing out my wife more than me, as I’ve recommended IVF as an alternative.

I never have trouble masturbating.

Maybe my doctor is right about us seeing a relationship counselor.
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Women Confess: Their Breasts (Video)

Hey baby,

Today I want to talk about one of the most
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If you had to guess the body part that
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I’m talking about a woman’s beautiful,
soft and supple breasts That’s right,
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I’ll tell you why men are ignoring
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don’t actually know what to do with
them. They love looking at them. They
love touching them. They love
fantasizing about them… but they’re
actually clueless when it comes to
pleasuring them.

Did you know that a woman can come
from touching this body part alone?
That’s right, she can explode with
pleasure without you even touching her
below the waist. But, in order to give
her that kind of pleasure, you need to
know what you’re doing.

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